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SYN-OX series HVFD
Преобразователь частоты SYN-OX
SYN-OX series energy saving VFD 6,10KV oriented for working with synchronous and asynchronous motors. The soft start, certain settings, rotated speed regulation – everything allows raise the efficiency of electric motor and curtail expenditure of electrical energy to 30%. In rated voltage and rated frequency the total harmonic distortions not more 1% and sine voltage can be saved by regulating the frequency. Because of modern control system of HVFD there is no any shorts, there is now any overload, no overvoltage and overheating.

SYN-OX series HVFD advantages • Low harmonic factor in input, high-capacity factor (not less than 0,95) in full range of rotation speed;
• Because a few harmonics in output of FD, the motor is not very noisy and there is no overheating;
• Modular type of power modules, it`s very easy to change, repair and service them;
• The community between control system and power modules throw optical fiber makes the good resistance from high voltage, that make the system statiproofed and reliable;
• The modern type IGBT allows increase overload ability that’s mean that it allows overvoltage protection, short brakes protection, overvoltage protection, overload protection etc. In case of failure one of the power modules, during 1ms the system goes to bypass and aligns the quantity of power modules with lower output power.

конфигуратор преобразователя частоты SYN-OX
The results of using the SYN-OX series HVFD
• Energy cost improvement;
• Motor energy consumption optimization;
• Increasing of operating life of actuating means;
• Convenient maintenance.
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